enjoy free worldwide shipping on orders over $200

enjoy free worldwide shipping on orders over $200

gold stacking ring

Timeless. Stackable.

I hand-carve this ring out of wax then cast with non-tarnishing recycled sterling silver, then I dip it in 24k gold for a longer period of time for a nice thick plate :)

Or in recycled 14k solid yellow gold.

Plated Jewelry is just that, it’s plated....so it needs a little extra care. Please take off your rings when you are sleeping, showing, applying oils, etc. 

Sold separately.

Handmade to order. Please allow 5-12 business days for me to make your ring. Or email me if you have a time-sensitive order and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. 

Note: there is a small percentage of people that have a more acidic ph level in their body oils- unfortunately, plated jewelry dislikes this and therefore the gold will breakdown faster than normal.

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