enjoy free worldwide shipping on orders $300.

enjoy free worldwide shipping on orders $300.

About Rauw

Sustainability is on all our minds; we strive to keep our carbon footprint low while treasuring things that we love, adore, and serve a purpose. We ask ourselves the simple question before making a purchase, how is this piece made, who made it, what material is it. Rauw Jewelry is a conscious brand for the conscious shopper. It's mindfully handmade in my Vancouver workshop with recycled silver, gold, and bronze; I polish each piece with plant-based compounds and package each order with 100% recycled materials. Designed from nostalgic moments between you, the sun & sea, keep that feeling of sand ripples beneath your feet; your gaze into the sun's reflection on the water— slow made jewelry with purpose.

Feel a connection to your jewelry—

Kailee x

Sunshine & ocean dips this way... Oh and enjoy 10% off your first purchase.