About Rauw


Rauw Jewelry was created for the woman who cares where her jewelry is made, who makes it, and what it's made from. More and more we are becoming the conscious shopper who cares about the answers to these questions. 

I started this venture in 2016, when I turned my interest in silversmithing into a small business. Rauw (pronounced “ra-ow”) Jewelry, meaning “raw” in Dutch, reflects on what this jewelry is made from- the Earth. Keeping our planet in mind, I worked to develop a line that focuses on sustainable practices, including using recycled sterling silver and recycled materials for packaging. Avoiding overseas mass production, my designs are handmade in my workshop located in Vancouver, Canada. 

I'm excited that so many people today are conscious shoppers, choosing to support the community of makers and small businesses. 


Thank you!


Kailee xx





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