away on holidays / ready to ship pieces will ship oct 26th

away on holidays / ready to ship pieces will ship oct 26th

about rauw. vision.

kailee jackson vancouver Canada jewelry designer and goldsmith

rauw jewelry is handmade with nature in mind every step of the way. ​living and creating as sustainably as possible is a focal point of my brand, keeping my carbon footprint low while making treasures that can hold a sentimental value to love, adore, and serve a purpose. i make my pieces in small batches with recycled precious metals: non-tarnishing silver, 24k gold vermeil, and 14k gold. i polish my jewelry with plant-based compounds until it has the smoothest edges as if it’s been found in the sea. i also package all orders with 100% recycled materials.

creating art from nostalgic moments of the sun and sea, the sand ripples beneath your feet, your gaze into the sun dancing on the water— summer days spent soaking in saltwater and collecting all the details that nature has to offer. these moments you feel so connected to life. my objective and drive are to capture these moments in a piece of jewelry—  i hope you feel a sense of happiness when you look at rauw and connect to these pieces, bringing you to a coastal/ island vibe wherever you’re living. 

rauw jewelry is slow-made, meaning the complete opposite of fast fashion. i take my time making each piece to be loved for a lifetime. i’m not creating a new collection every season; i create pieces as they come to me when I visit the ocean or dream through the night.  

Kailee x

slow made with purpose.

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