enjoy free worldwide shipping on orders over $300.

enjoy free worldwide shipping on orders over $300.

Jewelry Care

How to care for your 24k gold vermeil and plated jewelry:

Rule of thumb, your vermeil rings should be the last thing you put on when you leave your house and the first thing you take off when you're home.

  • take off while showering, sleeping, and applying oils.
  • to clean: lightly wash it with soap and water and pat to dry completely.
  • store in the organic cotton pouch provided while you're not wearing your jewelry.

This extra love will help prolong the life of your 24k gold dipped jewelry.

Vermeil: the base metal is recycled silver, dipped in 3 microns of recycled 24k gold.

Plated: the base metal is recycled bronze, dipped in 3 microns of recycled 24k gold.

Note: there is a small percentage of people that have a more acidic ph level in their body oils- unfortunately, vermeil jewelry dislikes this, and therefore the gold will breakdown faster than normal.

I do all my own plating, so do not hesitate to email me for a re-plating at kailee@rauwjewelry.com

silver loves to be worn. wearing it as much as possible will prevent tarnishing. silver naturally tarnishes if you leave it on that jewelry dish in the bathroom unworn.... the tarnish will easily come off with a polishing cloth. 

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