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sun & sea ring // 14k gold

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the sun & sea ring 〰️ you feel the ripples of the sand beneath your feet, mesmerized by the sun dancing on the water, these moments that you feel so connected to life. 

handmade sun & sea ring.

made in my workshop // Vancouver, Canada

recycled 14k gold

handmade jewelry: i've made each piece with environmentally friendly practices as nature is on my mind every step of the way.

sustainable packaging: each piece is kept safe in an organic cotton pouch, all packaging from the box, tissue paper, envelope, shipping label and cards are made from recycled content.

includes warranty (refer to warranty section).

sales are final on all custom-made and solid gold pieces.

i handmake each piece in the order I receive them, so it usually takes about 3-6 weeks. I like to put all the time and love into each piece i make :)
if you have a time-sensitive order, please email me at 

need a different size or have any special requests? just email me at 

photos by:

Olivia Vandyke

Kailee Jackson

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