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3 Benefits of Embracing the Sun and the Sea

October 12, 2022

Do you ever wonder why beach trips help you feel so wonderful and rejuvenated? The sun and sea remain some of the most remarkable and enjoyable natural features planet earth can offer.

While we know that sun exposure without protection is risky to our health, denying our bodies the benefits of the sun can prove equally damaging to our overall health and wellness. Taking in vitamin D from the sun is essential and offers greater value than simply ingesting a vitamin D supplement.

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of the sun and sea with a sensory experience. Adorn yourself with your favorite sun necklace and get in the spirit for a seaside excursion, whether planning a trip to the coast or hiking along your favorite sun-drenched trails.

Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D is commonly referred to as the sunshine vitamin mainly because the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays activate vitamin D3 production. Despite being called a vitamin, vitamin D is a naturally-produced hormone within the body.
One of the most notable benefits of the sun is how it helps keep us healthy. The body produces vitamin D naturally by absorbing UVB light through the skin. From here, our bodies then convert the light into a specialized cholesterol called pre-vitamin D3. This cholesterol then converts to vitamin D3 in the skin before transferring to the bloodstream over several days.
Maintaining proper vitamin D levels is crucial to maintaining overall health and wellness. This means doing our best to get out in the sun and embrace the numerous benefits that time outdoors can provide.
Our skin, when exposed to the sunlight, produces various hormones and peptides that positively alter our systemic health and wellness, including:
● Promotion of blood flow and regulated immune system
● Increased libido and relaxation
● Reduced inflammation and hypertension
● Positive impact on musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological, and immune system
● Promotion of feelings of wellbeing

Vitamin D derived from light positively impacts the mind and body. Getting outdoors can help you maintain proper levels of vitamin D in your body and help protect against disease while optimizing physical performance and improving your mental health.

Sun, Sand, and Sea Can Ease Anxiety

For many, a beach is a refreshing place that improves mood and mental health - and the longer the stay, the greater the improvement. Likewise, short walks along the coastline can boost mood and positively impact mental health. Furthermore, bodies of water like lakes, ponds, and even swimming pools are “blue spaces.”

A “blue space” is known as a good place to head when feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and is linked to improved overall health. Blue spaces include natural aquatic features like lakes, rivers, and coastal waters, and may explain why many of us feel drawn to the water when it's time for
rest and relaxation.

These benefits primarily come from the tranquil, natural beauty of the sun, sand, and sea. Crashing waves, the gorgeous blue color of water, and even the smell of salt water can all positively affect mental health.

The repetitive sounds of crashing waves on the shoreline calm people and relax the mind to achieve a meditative state that soothes them. Relaxing and restful sounds also work with the brain’s natural rhythm to produce deep, relaxing sleep, one of the body's most essential things to heal and release stress.

The color of sea, lake, and ocean water also produces relaxing responses in the brain. Therefore, phycologists and behaviorists commonly utilize the color blue to help relax patients while bringing feelings of tranquility and serenity to mind.

Finally, the smell of the air when visiting a body of water is just different. Our bodies often respond happily to the very first breath of air when we arrive at an ocean or lake. This is mainly due to seawater possessing negative ions.

Some of the benefits of negative ions include:
● Revitalizing cell metabolism
● Blood purification
● Clean air free from allergens and pollen
● Balance to the autonomic nervous system

Negative ions additionally have an anti-depressant impact on our bodies while calming the brain and relieving stress to help make you healthier.

Do you feel stressed and need relaxation? Put on a stylish sea necklace to help get you in the mood and submerge yourself into the relaxing spirit of a beach vacation near the soothing sands and tranquil blue waters.


Improved Health Through Better Sleep

A few short hours out in the sun can produce some of the most quality sleep you’ve ever had in your life. Light is the principal control of the body’s day-night cycle. As one of the primary benefits of the sun, exposure to sunlight influences everything from metabolism to body temperature and sleep.

Light is the most important external factor that can affect your sleep. It plays a central role in regulating your circadian rhythm, the body’s internal clock that signals the brain when to remain alert and when it is time to rest. Light can also modify melatonin production, an essential hormone in your body that promotes sleep.

Melatonin regulates our sleep patterns. Good sleep is vital to maintain overall mental health and wellness while aiding in energy level, memory, mood, and more. The more sunny daylight exposure you can get, the more your body will produce melatonin when it's time to lay your head to rest.

Embrace the Sun, Sand, and Sea

A little bit of sea air and sunshine can go a long way. Although too much sun can harm the skin, spending as little as ten minutes outside in the sun can allow you to absorb your daily dose of vitamin D. Even on the cloudiest days or when the weather is overcast, our bodies can still benefit from exposure to the sun’s UV rays and help to boost our levels of vitamin D.

We know and understand that it isn’t easy for everyone to get to the beach. However, getting in touch with your ocean spirit can help you appreciate the beautiful, vast, expansive horizon and can help you maintain a healthy relationship with your mental health and consciousness.

Rauw Jewelry produces handmade jewelry with nature in mind every step of the way. We work to help you maintain a connection to the sun, sand, and sea with a sustainable, low-carbon footprint treasure. Consider our sun and sea necklaces that offer a sentimental connection to the numerous benefits of nature.

A simple sun necklace or sea necklace can capture a nostalgic moment, keeping in mind the last trip while aiding to relive the emotions connected to your previous  trip to the coast. Remember smelling that first breath of salty ocean air? Contact Rauw Jewelry today to learn more about our collection.



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