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What is the Latest Trend in Handmade Jewelry: Sun Necklace

August 28, 2022

Sun Symbol Necklace

We all know the earth revolves around the sun. That it is the center and core of all life. For all things under it come and go, but its energy remains constant. Wear a sun necklace that captures the essence of life, surpassing time and space and connecting you to all creation. 

Recall the simple moments you breathe in your surroundings—you take in what the earth has to offer at its best and most delicate moments. All these things have come to be by the dazzling sparkle of the sun in all its brilliance. 

Mindful, Raw, and Connected

Adding on to this trendy and timeless necklace is its creation from sustainable materials. With recycled metals, there is minimal impact on the environment and gives back to workers through fair wages. The recycled metals used for a sun necklace have already been refined. Mining has a poor effect on working conditions, child labor, and the world's water resources. 

Handmade Jewelry 

Each piece of carefully crafted handmade jewelry speaks of the artisan's integrity of care and overall significance. Wearing one-of-a-kind accessories shows the beauty of uniqueness and disposes of the mundane consumerism that society promotes. 

Throwing out machines ensures a greater significance to the amount of attention to detail. You can be sure not to have any other jewelry crafted just like yours— just as you deserve because you are a unique and one-of-a-kind individual. 

There is trust and transparency with designers who produce their jewelry. With raw material and craft, you can see the designer's heart shine through. With handmade jewelry there is a level of quality assurance that mass produced jewelry cannot compare with. The sun necklaces are all made to assure the best piece of art to fit you.

Sun Symbolism

The sun lands a special place in people's hearts across cultures and eras. The sun exudes warmth, light, and unity. Travel across the world, or go back a few generations from today— all humanity knows the sun and the power it possesses. Whatever way it resonates with you, the sun is and always will be connected to you somehow. 

With the sun depicted as a circle, it represents wholeness and self. With this sun symbol necklace, you carry so much more than just a piece of jewelry. The sun marks birth, life, time, death, and power. It is the peak of what nature can offer with something so divine. Across different cultures, the sun was more than just seen as a physical entity; but a spiritual and divine power. It spans to spiritual depths beyond what the human mind can capture. 


The sun pendant keeps the beauty of nature in mind while being created and worn. Each necklace allows one to represent their connection to life and its surroundings. In wearing a sun necklace, you wear with you a statement that speaks volumes on mindfulness and sustainability. Wear a sun necklace for yourself or get one for a loved one to show how united we all are. 


 written by Katrina

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