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Where to Buy Handmade Necklaces for Women

June 02, 2022

When choosing a place to get jewelry, you don't want to go anywhere. There are many places to choose from and many sellers promising the most beautiful and elegant products. However, with handmade necklaces for women, you want to find a place that can deliver quality material, showcase skilled craft, and can encapsulate a beautiful representation of art. With every piece of jewelry, you are assured of getting all of these while drawing you into nature's little details. Rauw Jewelry depicts the core elements of nature.


Rauw Jewelry offers many reasons to be the one-stop-shop for handmade necklaces for women. First, take a glimpse of the unique process of creating each piece of jewelry. In a workshop in Vancouver, Canada, handmade pieces inspired by nature are produced.



All in the Details

Once upon a time, jewelry was a unique aspect of societal expression. It celebrated the body and carried spiritual meanings. Others used it to adorn their body or signal duty and position in society. Nonetheless, jewelry was once all unique—intricately different by design, whether by shape, cut, color, or material. The progression of jewelry production has slowly evolved to become replicated to create copies of the same kind. It is almost rare to find the perfect place that will personalize a piece different from the rest. 


The details of each piece display an artisan's integrity of care and significance. This island time necklace is a refreshing breath of fresh air glistening on the reflection of the Oahu shore. It's a minimalistic everyday necklace that carries the sea with every wave life brings to you. 


If you want to carry the wholeness of life close to your heart, this sun necklace is a delicate statement piece that elicits strength. Compared to the mass production of a copy and paste template, these pieces are carefully curated with thought and heart. Just as special as each wearer is, your jewelry should deliver on that too. Each piece is handmade upon request of each order. 


Sustainable Collection

Choosing a recycled metal is choosing to love the earth we live in and the people here. At Rauw Jewelry, eco-friendly sustainable metal is used because of its level of commitment to the earth. 


Plastic degrades in quality every time it gets repurposed and eventually becomes unrecyclable. Eco-friendly recycled metal leaves minimal impact on the environment. The metals have already gone through the refining process. It can take from various metal items that are melted down to be reused. 


Unfortunately, the mining industry comes with unethical, harmful, inhumane practices. When purchasing a piece of jewelry not made from sustainable material, the wearer may have little to no idea of the process and the harm caused by even creating it. To reduce your environmental footprint, knowing where your jewelry comes from is the first step. 



There are many handmade necklaces sellers. Be wise in your jewelry purchase by looking for a place that can offer the best quality and beauty for the price. Rauw Jewelry is both eco-friendly and user conscious. Carry with you a unique and nature-inspired design with each piece you wear. 

 written by Katrina


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